About the Journal

JIMPI: Jurnal Inovatif Manajemen Pendidikan Islam is a Journal of Islamic Education Management which is published regularly every six months (January and July). P-ISSN: 2827-783X, E-ISSN: 2828-1764 which is managed by the Islamic Education Management Study Program, Darullughah Waddawah Waddawah International Islamic University. JIMPI Journal as an information medium for publishing scientific works for academics, practitioners and intellectuals from the results of research studies and scientific articles in the fields of:

  1. Islamic Education Management 
  2. Islamic Education Leadership
  3. Islamic School Management
  4. School Supervision and
  5. Education management covering textual investigation and field investigation with the perspective of education, philosophy, history, theology, sociology, anthroplogy, political science related to Islamic Education Management etc.